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Member information

In joining Kingston Toy Library Inc. (KTL), you agree to abide by these Rules and its Constitution, to indemnify the library, its committee, members and staff against all loss or liability, however caused, arising from borrowing items.

Borrowing toys

The number of toys borrowed depends on your membership type. Toys can be borrowed for a maximum of three weeks at a time and can be renewed once for two weeks, with one week’s grace period for late returns.

Members are responsible for the toys they borrow. This includes:

  • correct use of toys

  • choosing age-appropriate toys

  • Taking care with small parts & magnets

  • Not leaving toys outside in the elements

  • Cleaning toys before returning

There are no restrictions on the types of toys you can borrow. Members are also responsible for making sure that their children wear helmets whilst using bikes and scooters. The Toy Library does not provide batteries for toys. It is the borrower’s responsibility to provide batteries if required and we encourage you to remove them before returning the toy.

We understand how children play and that sometimes they don’t share their adventures with you. If a toy is returned incomplete, we give you the option to renew the toy for some extra time to search for the pieces. After this time, if you have still not been able to locate the piece, a fee will be charged and is refundable when the missing piece is returned.


As a member you will receive information and news relating to the toy library from time to time through email. If you chose to no longer receive these you can unsubscribe. You can also stay informed of news items on our news page.

Damaged toys

We understand that sometimes accidents do happen. Report damaged toys to the coordinator promptly. In some cases a small fine may apply. If the toy is assessed as unusable (either through damage or essential pieces missing), the committee will decide on an appropriate payment to fix or replace the toy.

Duty bond

When signing up to a volunteer membership it is requirement to complete six(6) hours of volunteering of over the membership year. If the hours are not completed the bond will be forfeited. 

When selecting 'duty levy' membership you are exempt from completing volunteering hours. As they duty levy will cover the cost of volunteering.

How to clean toys

For general cleaning, baby wipes will be your best friend! They are easy to use, readily available for most of our members and the kids can help too.

  • For toys which are quite soiled, please wash well with hot, soapy water and rinse. Please do not immerse the toys in water as sometimes water can get in and cannot be removed.

  • If the toy is very dirty, use a toothbrush or satay stick with cotton wool to make fine buds that can be used to clean all edges, nooks and crannies so that the toy is perfectly clean. Dry the toy with a clean tea towel.

  • If your child has been ill, please disinfect the toys, but do not soak them in disinfectant as this can remove the colour from some plastics. The disinfectant wipes that you can buy from the supermarket are great.

You can get more information on cleaning toys here.

Missing pieces

Toys need to be returned in the condition that they were borrowed, with all pieces intact. Members need to check all pieces before borrowing.

If you are missing pieces, you can re-borrow the toy to locate the missing piece. If you cannot find the missing piece, fines are as follows:

  • $2-$5 per missing piece

  • $5 for missing puzzle piece/s

  • $10 per missing battery cover

  • $2-$8 for damaged or missing packaging

If you find the piece after you paid then bring it in and the fine will be refunded.

Overdue toys

If a toy is returned late, an overdue fee of $1 per toy per week will be charged.  Fees will not be charged for any public holidays or when the library is closed.  The focus of the Toy Library is to have the toys returned and available for other members, not to make money from fines.

Waiver for bikes and scooters

We ask all members to sign acknowledgment that for any bikes or scooters loaned parents/ guardians take responsibility for their child's safety and ensure they wear appropriate safety equipment such as helmets when joining. You can see this waiver here.

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