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Out-of-Hours Click and Collect

This new service is thanks to a recent federal grant, Stronger Communities round 6.

Playing toddlers

When it suits

Our out-of-hours click and collect allows members to collect toys at a time that suit you.

It could be on your way home from work, on your day off, passing by when you are on your way to activities, or collected by grandparents or nanny.

Collection times

We currently have two (2) pick up windows over the week.

Midweek- Monday evening to Thursday evening 

Weekend- Saturday afternoon to Monday morning


These are listed as Tuesday & Sunday, however you can come any time during these windows to collect your order.


How to steps

Watch this short video guide to learn the steps for booking. Click on the video to start.

Play Video


  • DO confirm your order to ensure it get filled. (Midweek 2pm Monday, weekend 10am Saturday)

  • DO make sure your toys fit inside the locker when returning.

  • DO count your toys when you get home and notify us of any discrepancies.

  • DO select toys that will fit inside the locker. (check the toy details on SETLS for comments on size)

  • DO drive down the driveway for easy swap over and loading.

Image by Kelli McClintock
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