“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands- one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn

As a community organisation Kingston Toy Library can only operate with the many members who pitch in. Here at Kingston Toy Library we try to make as many different duty options as possible so there is opportunity for everyone to complete their duty.  Children can tag along to most duties with only a few that required


Here are some of the top ways you can complete duty:


1) Sign up to roster duty. We have 4 session times during the week to choose from and we are open during school holidays. It is as easy as logging onto SETLS and selecting the dates and times that suit you.


2) Sign up to a special event. These take place at various times during the year, and often have different roster times. It could be a sausage sizzle, working bee, stock take or cake stall.  These events are listed on SETLS.


3) Sign up to home duty. Home duties are activities that can be taken home and completed over a couple of weeks and then returned. Some of the tasks that regularly come up are contacting boxes, poster drop off, fabric repairs, electrical toy repairs just to name a few. A current list of home duties can be found on the borrowing desk.


4) Out of hours duty. Occasionally there are simple tasks that need to be done at the toy library but don’t need to be completed when the toy library is open. These duty tasks normally are advertised in our newsletter or at the toy library.


5) Represent the Kingston Toy Library. We regularly ask for members to promote the toy library by giving talks to new parent groups, posting on our social media pages or be a face at a community event.


6) Join committee- Our toy library couldn’t operate without the dedicated people of our committee. There are many roles to choose from which have various time commitments. To find out read HERE



7) The easiest way to complete duty is refer a friend to join and receive 1 hour of duty! Either bring your friend with you when you are borrowing or ask your friend to mention your name when they are filling out the membership form.